Experience is everything.

Legist combines the knowledge of seasoned attorneys
with the flexibility of technology for a responsive,
yet pragmatic approach to practicing law.

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Client Friendly Law Firm Economics

As a virtual law firm where offices are optional, we believe there is not a “one size fits all” model to provide legal representation. Legist removes the overhead costs and staffing expenses associated with traditional law firms. We believe our firm’s services should be aligned with our clients’ economic interests. Thus, our firm model is built on cost effective, client-centric and collaborative legal representation. 

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Technology is Advancing Legal Services in New Ways

While physical space for meetings and collaboration is still utilized. At Legist, we embrace the virtual evolution enabled by technology. Regardless of our lawyers’ chosen locations, we are connected. Virtual meetings save the cost of wasted travel time. At Legist, we aim to serve our clients better with technology that improves communication and responsiveness.

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Legist is NOT a Traditional Law Firm

Our lawyers have experienced the traditional law firm structure. With long, time consuming daily commutes in traffic combined with layers of rigid firm structure and big firm costs, it is no wonder lawyers found the practice of law burdensome and inflexible to meet individual client needs. Our team of skilled partners are free to work where they live. We are also free to tailor the work to our clients’ specific needs. Our innovative firm structure saves money and time while successfully meeting our clients’ needs. At Legist, we spend the time saved providing extra attention to our clients and also enjoying life, family and friends. Refreshed lawyers are better lawyers. 

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